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I'm Julie Valentine...and this is my story.  I grew up in the suburbs of San Jose, California way back before the invention of the computer.  I'm just that old!  My mother taught me how to sew at an early age, when I was eager to design gowns and hand sew clothing for all of my dolls.  Eventually I graduated to making my own clothing...my first dress was pink with a white daisy trim that earned me a second place spot in the State 4-H competition at age 7.  As a young teen, I could be found behind the sewing machine making knock-off Levi corduroy jeans or 3 piece suits for my new -found boyfriend.  I've made boxers, briefs, bras and peignoirs....blouses, dresses, skirts and jackets...swimsuits, costumes and bridal gowns.  

I spent most of my twenties living in exotic places like Hinesville, Georgia...Vicenza, Italy...and Saratoga, California.  After settling down and having 2 children, I ventured off again....Phoenix, Arizona...Ruidoso, New Mexico...and Cork, Ireland.  Thanks to me Mum, I have Irish citizenship and just recently returned stateside from a four year siesta.  My travels have allowed me to meet numerous personalities in many foreign countries...enjoy fabulous textiles from around the world...and witness the creativity and fashion influences from vast cultures.

Today I own and operate a bridal salon in a tourist town...we are in the "Wedding Capital of Texas" known as the Hill Country.  When I'm not working on my business, I'm traveling around buying hand-selected couture and eclectic gowns for my brides.  And in my spare time, I'm finishing my PhD. in Human Services Counseling.

Yes....I am a busy gal...I love it...and I always have time for you!

So how did I come up with the name "Gypzytoz" you ask?  Well...

In high school, unbeknownst to me, a girlfriend wrote in my yearbook "to the cutest toes in town."  I really had no clue that my toes were so cute, and was even more confused why some teenager was looking at them!  Fast forward to 1991 when my son was born and I found myself having foot surgery due to a soft tissue growth that had developed at the base of two of my toes.  I clearly remember the Podiatrist looking at my toes and saying "You have hammer toes.  Do they hurt?"  No they don't hurt-and how rude of you to identify my precious piggies as some medical flaw.  Nevertheless, I elected for toe surgery to remove the joints...and collect four months of disability payments while staying home with my newborn son.  Years later, when in college I had to write an essay about a medical experience, so I wrote about my poor toes.  This story really does end soon, I promise.  Next thing I know, I find myself trying to come up with a nickname that describes me....a friend acknowledged my Gypsy tendencies because of traveling around the world, and I agreed that was kind of appropriate.  I wasn't exactly a traveler...or a nomad...or even a hippie....but, I was always up for moving around and discovering new places.  So the word Gypsy fit-but not perfectly...until I added the word toes.  Gypsytoes....yes...that was me!  So... many, many, many years later, when struggling for a business name for my alterations shop, I settled on Gypzytoz.  Really, who cared?  But as the business grew....I realized that a transition to bridal was just a matter of time.  So here we are.  Gypzytoz kind of stuck...the ladies love it...its truly a piece of me and my eclectic heart.  It has brought me great joy-and I hope it works a magical spell for you, and that you find your dream wedding dress at Gypzytoz Bridal.

Julie Valentine


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